THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW: The Temptation of Taste in an Atmosphere of Comfort – SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW

THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW: The Temptation of Taste in an Atmosphere of Comfort

Welcome to THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW, a unique establishment where cosy atmosphere and great taste meet. This barbecue restaurant is designed to satisfy the most refined palates, offering not only delicious food but also a unique social experience.

Celebrate the Moment:
THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW is not just a place where food is served. It’s a journey into a world of aromas and flavours, where every element of a dish is a true work of art. On the menu you will find a variety of grilled food options that are rounded off with exquisite desserts.

The restaurant is framed by an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Cosy nooks for family gatherings, an ambience of warm light, and incredible views of the surrounding countryside create the perfect place to meet friends, have family dinners, or romantic dates.

THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW prides itself on its mastery of barbecue skills. Our chefs are true architects of taste, skilfully combining traditional cooking methods with modern culinary techniques. You can feel the passion for the art of cookery in every dish prepared.

Service Experience:
Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. We strive to make every visit to THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW an unforgettable experience. Pay attention to our wine pairing recommendations to match your food choices – our wine will perfectly complement your dining experience.

Gastronomy for Beer

THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW keeps up to date with the latest trends in the world of brewing. Here you can discover new and experimental beers created by local and international breweries. Bartenders are happy to share information about the origin and flavour profiles of each drink.

Beer is inseparable from the great gastronomy at THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW. There is a rich selection of appetisers and entrees that pair perfectly with a variety of beer styles. From savoury starters to rich dishes, each is designed to complete your beer night experience.

Events & Parties

THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW is not just a bar, but a venue for a variety of events and parties. Tastings of new brews, theme nights and live music – there’s always something going on here, creating a unique atmosphere of fun and socialising.

Definitely need to try it:

Baby Back Ribs:
Soft and juicy pork ribs are a barbecue classic.They are prepared with a variety of seasonings and glazed sauces, which gives them a rich flavour.

Brisket is beef brisket grilled at a low temperature for a long time. The result is tender, juicy meat with a caramelised crust. It is often served with traditional barbecue sauce.

Wagyu Beef Burger:
Exquisite beef burgers are a treat for lovers of juicy and tender meat. Serve them with gourmet sauces and fresh vegetables.

Meet the Pleasure:
Complete your evening with our exquisite desserts, which will be a true highlight of your visit. Flavour, sophistication and uniqueness is what you will find in every box at THE SWALLOW AT THE HOLLOW.

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